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Breach prevention in a rapidly evolving cyber security world        ​

The cyber security market is evolving at a rapid pace. Tools are becoming more complex and sophisticated and it is becoming all-too-easy to launch an attack.

Criminals are finding new ways to expose and steal data - and their motivation can be political or criminal. This is fuelling a huge increase in breaches. A report by PwC and The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) found that 81% of large organisations experienced some form of breach last year, with the cost to each organisation ranging from £600,000 to £1.15m. Meanwhile, reported security incidents around the world rose 48% to 42.8 million.

This has seen multiple high profile breaches in 2014 and early 2015. Sony pictures saw one of the biggest hacks of all time last year - an attack for which it was not ready. Last year also saw J.P Morgan fall victim to a spear-phishing campaign, resulting in around 76 million records stolen. This year, one of the US’ largest health insurance providers, Anthem, announced that up to 80 million of its customers’ records had been compromised.

The effect on UK firms can be devastating. In total, 70% of UK companies say they experienced some business down time as a result of security incidents this year. Worryingly, UK companies are suffering more cyber security incidents than their global counterparts but are falling behind others in detecting them.

At the same time, the government's Cyber Security Strategy aims to make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business. This highlights the need for government and businesses to work together, identifying threats and how to manage them, in an increasingly complex environment.

The leading cyber security conference for senior professionals

iMM Group is proud to host The Future of Cyber Security 2015 – a national cyber security conference that focuses on how organisations can protect themselves, customers, employees and citizens. Due to the popularity and success of our annual March events, we are running again in September.

Capitalising on the success of previous events in the series, this one-day cyber security conference brings hundreds of senior decision-makers face to face with leading cyber security specialists. Covering the strategic needs of all enterprises, the conference provides delegates with a unique opportunity to learn from the leading thought leaders in the field.

A programme with a difference

The Future of Cyber Security 2015 features a unique programme that allows delegates to choose the topics that interest them most.

Sessions in the morning will deliver top level intelligence briefings on the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy and what is being done about the security skills shortage. Rather than simply delivering a generic overview of the latest developments, these sessions will be structured in a practical way that helps delegates to enhance the cyber security strategies of their organisations.

In the afternoon, delegates will learn key strategic information the hottest topics in cyber security at the moment, delivered by major organisations that are leading the thinking and development in these fields. Following these sessions, delegates have the choice of exploring one topic in greater detail at an in-depth panel session with Q&A. 

Learn more about The Future of Cyber Security 2015 or register as a delegate.

Unrivalled opportunities for cyber security specialists

The associated Future of Cyber Security 2015 exhibition provides suppliers in this field with an unrivalled platform to showcase their products and services. 

The exhibition will benefit from a high volume of visitors throughout the day, with the targeted nature of the conference drawing a national audience of senior decision-makers. 

Learn more about The Future of Cyber Security 2015 or contact us if you would like to register as an exhibitor. As always, we extend a very warm welcome to all our colleagues who share a commitment to improving data security.

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